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the players


lead vocals


A seasoned vocalist for over 20 years, Jeffrey’s unmistakable vocal sound is unforgettable. As the lead vocalist for the internationally-known rock band ALLIED NATION, Jeffrey has been called “one of the best rock singers, perhaps ever” by the European rock press and that “he shows up many “so-called great” vocalists for the paltry imitations they are”. His soaring range, rich tone, and trademark phrasing put Jeffrey in a league of his own. Jeffrey’s recordings include “Touch & Go” the ALLIED NATION retrospective CD on aor-fm records, and his solo jazz CD “Mr. Lucky”, both available on iTunes.

Anthony pro 1.jpg
vocals, keyboards, guitar


One of the founders of The CORE, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist Anthony has been performing for over 20 years. In addition to performing and recording with The CORE, Anthony is the co-founder, keyboardist, and composer of ALLIED NATION, the international hard rock band that released its retrospective CD, "Touch & Go" throughout the world in 2009. 

Also an accomplished actor, Anthony has been seen on the professional musical theater stage, television commercials, and movies.

In The CORE, his tasty keyboard licks, rock solid rhythm guitar, and powerful tenor voice provides lead vocals and ideal harmony partnership to his musical collaborator of over 20 years, Jeffrey Nation.

Tommy L .png
lead guitar, vocals


Tommy Lafferty as been playing guitar professionally for over 40 years and has toured with major acts throughout the United States and Europe, opening for Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Tina Turner, The Eurythmics, David Bowie, The Pretenders, Slash, Little Steven and more.

Tommy is adept at multiple musical styles including rock, classic rock, country, country rock, jazz, blues, and classical. Tommy joined The Core in 2023.



California native Robert Pina has been playing the drums for over 50 years. He began playing professionally in 1970 and toured with RCA recording artists California, the R & B/Pop show band Carnegie, Handshake Records recording artists Sneaker, original recording artists The Marty Zucker Band, jazz/fusion artists Third Wave, and the classic rock tribute band BackTracks. Now residing in Santa Rosa, Robert says "I'm glad to be a part of The CORE because it gives me the opportunity to play such a wide range of musical styles."

bass guitar


Brett grew up in Manhattan Beach, California. In a desperate attempt to impress girls he began playing electric bass in the seventh grade. It sort of worked, so he kept at it. He spent most of the 80s in the caribbean playing many styles of music, then moved to Sonoma County and currently lives in Sebastopol. Brett composes music and has released four CDs of his tunes with the group Planet B. He spends any free time he can get backpacking with his two dogs, Bear and Jaco.

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