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Our standard rate is $325.00 per hour (one hour minimum). We will perform for shorter engagements, but the cost is the same. Additional premium may be assessed for travel costs  outside the Sonoma County area and other factors. In certain cases, our standard rate can be adjusted so please contact us for an individual quote.

Comfort & Joy Carolers 2023

Volume Discounts

Volume discounts are calculated on the cumulative number of hours booked through one customer, even when those hours are booked at different times. However, to be eligible for the volume discount, each engagement must be at least one hour in length.


Each client is unique, each performance is tailored. Please contact us for individual quotes.


 Volume Discounts:


  Hours Booked        Discount           Hourly Rate

    1-6                standard rate       $300.00

     7-9                        5%                   $285.00

   10-14                    10%                  $270.00

15 and up              15%                   $255.00


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