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Anthony is now available for live performances and private instruction!

Private and public musical performances:

Anthony is ready entertain your guests with live vocal and guitar/piano performances at your next event!


Anthony can bring a professional compact PA system,  lights (if desired), and an amplified acoustic/electric guitar or digital piano and mic to bring you hours of music you and you're guests will LOVE. Anthony comes fully equipped to bring you top notch live musical entertainment anywhere you may be!


Got a beautiful piano in your home? Anthony can sit right down and entertain your guests with background piano music, with or without vocal, on your own  instrument.


Anthony's repertoire ranges from classic guitar based pop, rock, soul, and country to smooth cocktail jazz piano. Anthony can do it all!

See and hear Anthony in action in the video at right!

Live video

Private Voice and Acting Studio:

Anthony is now available to teach you or your youngsters privately!


A member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), Anthony is currently Youth Education Director at Young Actors Studio in Santa Rosa, CA where he holds in-person and online group voice and acting classes in addition to directing after-school programs and summer camps. However, Anthony also accepts a limited number of private students (ages 8 to adult) in the following disciplines:

- Private Acting

- Private Voice

- Private guitar and keyboards

Contact Anthony today for availability.

Private Martial Arts instruction:

A 3rd degree Black Belt in Bok Fu Kenpo Karate, Anthony is also available for private martial arts and self defense instruction. No matter what your experience level or physical differences, Anthony can come to you and train you in martial arts for self defense, physical fitness, or just pure enjoyment.

Contact Anthony today for availability.

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